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Visalus Vi-Crunch in the news with Ryan Blair

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Chew your Challenge with Vi Crunch

It's your Challenge goal in a bowl.
Everything you need... Nothing you don't!
Nutrition & Benefits:
  • 12 grams of protein
  • 5 grams of prebiotic fiber
  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Antioxidant benefits of Rosemary and Grapeseed Extracts
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives
  • Low sugar
  • Low sodium
  • Low fat
  • 0 grams trans fat
  • No cholesterol
  • No wheat or wheat gluten
  • No lactose
  • Kosher certified

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Broke and Homeless now a Millionaire, whats your excuse?

Good Morning!  I wanted to start this Monday off with a success story for you!  This is for all my "Dreamers" out there who maybe stuck in a "job" right now that is paying paycheck to paycheck or maybe you have been laid off currently.  Maybe your that stay at home mother who always dreamed of having financial freedom and your husband is currently working 2 jobs(just over broke) to keep food on the table for you!  IF you are that dreamer IF you STILL have that dream of living the life you always wanted.....There is HOPE... but ONLY IF YOU ACT ON IT!!! Please see what happen to these 3 guys who had that same Dream you have EXCEPT they acted on it!  Read below...

"One used to deliver boxes for a living, one was homeless and the other couldn't withdraw twenty dollars from the bank...but they stepped out on faith and made the decision to promote the 90 day challenge. Thank God they didn't let those EXCUSES steal our dream! Today well over $3 million in earnings between them in 2-4 years, proves anything is possible if you have faith and work ethic".

They knew it was POSSIBLE they just needed to find the "vehicle" that could take them there and then put in the work to make it happen. They simply plugged into a Proven system that works, matter of fact this same system is the one which has made more Millionaires in our company than ANY COMPANY in the WORLD in the past 4 years! Over 950 self-made entrepreneurs six & seven figure income earners and growing EVERYDAY!!

You can start this Very part time and depending on your skill set you can get your FREE BMW Very quickly(we give away a new BMW every 30 minutes), we have bonuses and trip incentives and work your own schedule and live life on YOUR terms!  If you are STILL a Dreamer know that these 3 men holding up their 1 million dollar earner necklaces are just a few of the AWESOME stories we have in our company of people WHO STILL HAD A DREAM!!

Will you be the next one wearing your necklace?? You can't if you never get started!!  Message me  ASAP! I was able to hit this Amazing club of 6 figures in 6 months!  Will you except The Challenge or will you let your dreams fade away???  Contact me or visit MY SITE and leave your information if your ready to LIVE LIFE and a life of Financial Freedom!!!  Maybe that prayer you prayed for this weekend for help just popped up!!


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Is Visalus Or Glucerna Beneficial for Diabetics?

Is Visalus Or Glucerna Beneficial for Diabetics?

Visalus or Glycerna are both good for diabetics, but which one is best? My friend was a type 2 diabetic and has been for 15 years. The way to control or balance sugar is through diet. The problem occurs when you start taking medication for diabetes. Although they help control your sugar they increase your cravings food and most people make the mistake of thinking that the medication will take care of any food they eat except sugar. Many foods turn to sugar once they get into your body like bread, rice, pasta and many others. Their are many alternatives to these foods, but I am here to discuss Visalus and Glucerna. I am not a doctor or nutritionist and make no medical claims, but my friend has studied how to stay healthy with type 2 diabetes since 1997. 
The reason I am making this comparison between Visalus and Glucerna is last night I was watching TV and a commercial came on for Glucerna claiming how good it was for diabetics, because it only had six (6) gram of sugar. This peaked my interest. I originally got involved with Visalus to gain weight which I am. Thank you very much. Weight is the enemy of diabetes too. Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand hence the epidemic of diabetics in this country right now.

What is Visalus and Glucerna?

Both Visalus and Glucerna are shakes and the likeness ends there. Visalus is promoted as a weight loss shake and Glucerna is promoted as good for people with diabetes. So I did some investigating to inform you and to see which one is best for me. It’s very hard to promote a product you don’t believe in.
The Facts.
27 gram of carbs
6 grams of sugar
210 mg of sodium
7 grams of fat (0.05 sat. fat)
7 grams of carbs
1 gram of sugar
75 mg of sodium
1 gram ofat (0.00 sat. fat)
If Glucerna can make the claim it is good for diabetics and do it on TV with I assume the certification of the FDA doesn’t that make Visalus even better for diabetics. I am not making any claims for Visalus here, because the only thing they say about Visalus is diabetic “friendly”. Their main target is losing weight. It is clear to me that I made the right decision with Visalus and have more reason to help other people lose weight and balance their sugar at the same time.

If you would like to know more or order Visalus CLICK HERE. Get on the road to weight loss and help control your sugar even if you don’t have diabetes.

How to Set a Weight Loss Goal

How much weight do you need to lose?

As a starting point, decide on a reasonable target weight for you. As a guideline, most slimming and weight loss professionals use the Body Mass Index (BMI), which looks at a person’s weight in relation to their height,. A BMI of less than 18.5 is considered to be underweight, 18.5-24.9 indicates a healthy weight, 25-29.9 is overweight and 30 or more is obese. Quite simply, the higher your BMI, the greater your risk of health problems. Find out your BMI with the WLR Calculator.
Ideally, you should aim for a target weight that gives you a BMI in the healthy weight range (18.5-24.9), but if you have a considerable amount of weight to lose, this may seem extremely daunting and unachievable. Instead, you might prefer to set an initial weight loss that moves you down a couple of BMI notches, or perhaps shifts you from the obese category (BMI more than 30) to the overweight category (BMI 25-29.9). Research shows that losing just 10 percent of excess weight will improve health – and you can always set yourself new goals along the way.
On the other hand, you might already be in the healthy weight range. But if your weight has gradually been increasing, now’s the time to take control of the situation and lose the extra pounds you’ve gained before you end up becoming medically overweight.
In addition, while many of us might like to slim down to the weight we were on our 18th birthday or on our wedding day, for example, it’s important to be realistic about whether you can really achieve this. For most of us, it’s likely to be impractical – as teenagers we probably played sport every single day, while we perhaps starved ourselves to get into our wedding dress! Instead, it’s better to focus on reaching a target weight that leaves you looking and feeling slim, fit and healthy – rather than skinny.
Once you’ve decided on a realistic weight goal, you’ll be able to work out how long it will take you to reach this.

How long will it take you to reach your target?

While it might be tempting to slash your calorie intake considerably in an effort to lose weight fast, you shouldn’t aim to shift more than 2lb a week – although you may lose slightly more than this when you first start slimming as your body gets rid of water as well as fat. In the long term though, a weight loss of more than 2lb a week means you’ll have to cut calories excessively – and ultimately, this will make it even harder to shift those pounds. Effectively, very low calorie intakes simply push the body into ‘starvation mode’ so that it becomes super efficient at making the most of the calories it actually gets from food and drink. It does this by protecting its fat stores and instead using lean tissue or muscle to provide it with some of the calories it needs to keep functioning. This leads to a loss of muscle, which in turn lowers metabolism so that the body needs fewer calories to keep ticking over and weight loss slows down – not ideal if you want to shift unwanted pounds!

Weight Loss Calculator

Here’s how long you can expect it to take you to lose weight…
Weight to loseNumber of weeks it will take you to lose weight at a rate of…
 1lb a week2lb a week
Half a stone53
1 stone126
2 stone2613
3 stone4020
4 stone5427
5 stone6834
6 stone8241
7 stone9648
8 stone11055
9 stone12462
NB: This is based on losing an extra 2lb in the first few weeks of slimming and weight loss.
So now you’ve set yourself a realistic target weight and know roughly how long it will take to achieve this, you can start to devise a slimming plan that will work for you.

By Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Weight Loss for Life
There are many ways to lose weight, but it is not always easy to keep the weight off. The key to successful weight loss is making changes in your eating and physical activity habits that you can keep up for the rest of your life.
Can I benefit from weight loss? Health experts agree that you may gain health benefits from even a small weight loss if:
  • You are considered obese based on your body mass index (BMI).
  • You are considered overweight based on your BMI and have weight related health problems or a family history of such problems.
  • You have a waist that measures more than 40 inches if you are a man or more than 35 inches if you are a woman.
A weight loss of 5 to 7 percent of body weight may improve your health and quality of life, and it may prevent weight-related health problems, like type 2 diabetes. For a person who weighs 200 pounds, this means losing 10 to 14 pounds. Even if you do not need to lose weight, you should still follow healthy eating and physical activity habits to help prevent weight gain and keep you healthy over the years.
Lose Weight And Keep It Off with The ViSalus Shape KitTo lose weight and keep it off you need to take in fewer calories than you use. You can do this by creating and following a plan for healthy eating and a plan for regular physical activity. You may also choose to follow a formal weight-loss program that can help you make lifelong changes in your eating and physical activity habits.  It may be hard to stick to a weight-loss “diet” that limits your portions to very small sizes or excludes certain foods. You may have difficulty making that work over the long term. Instead, a healthy eating plan takes into account your likes and dislikes, and includes a variety of foods that give you enough calories and nutrients for good health.
Healthy Eating PlanMake sure your healthy eating plan is one that:
  • Emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products.
  • Includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts.
  • Is low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars.
The Nutrition Facts label from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is found on most packaged foods. It tells you how many calories and how much fat, protein, carbohydrate, and other nutrients are in one serving of the food.
Regular physical activity may help you lose weight and keep it off. It may also improve your energy level and mood. According to the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, experts believe all adults should be physically active. Some activity is better than none, and individuals who engage in any amount of physical activity may gain some health benefits. The majority of your physical activity should be moderate to vigorous in intensity. However, adults should aim to include muscle-strengthening activities as well.
You can be physically active every day for one extended period of time, or you can break it up into shorter sessions of 20, 15, or even 10 minutes.
Try some of these physical activities to lose weight and keep it off:
  1. walking (15 minutes per mile or 4 miles per hour)
  2. biking
  3. tennis
  4. aerobic exercise classes (step aerobics, kick boxing, dancing)
  5. energetic house or yard work (gardening, raking, mopping, vacuuming)
Make the decision if you want to lose weight and keep it off.  Join the ViSalus 90 Day Challenge with the number one weight-loss and fitness Challenge platform in North America with an amazing company called ViSalus. Decide a realistic goal for the next 90 days and join the challenge that is best for you.
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The results speak for themselves

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